Verdicchio Riserva 2015 Santansovino Cantina Col di Corte
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Verdicchio Riserva 2015 Santansovino Cantina Col di Corte

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Cantina Col Di Corte, in Le Marche, Italy, has been farming Organically since 2012 and Biodynamically for the last few years.  The focus is on working with the land, the climate and the indigenous grapes to bring out the characteristics of each in every bottle of wine.  Delicately nurturing the vines, hand picking the grapes at the perfect maturity then allowing them to ferment in stainless steel to achieve the perfect balance acidity and body.

The grapes are harvested late. Fermented with wild yeasts, the two varieties are vinified separately in Slavonian oak vats then, after vinification and separate ageing, blended together.

During the fermentation stage, the skins are punched down manually, which helps extract the tannins and prevents having to macerate for too long. The aim is to produce a long-aged wine that is light and has decent structure, without being over-concentrated and overloading the palate when tasted.